How It Works

  • Download/Register online Get our free App from the Store and login to get ahead on your journey plan.
  • Pick Your Service Pick from Ride, Delivery or Taxi rental. Select your vehicle. See your journey map.
  • Tap to Book At the comfort of your palm device anytime, for now or later. You are covered.
  • You are Connected You can connect with your driver through chat or VoIP call safely. Track your driver real time.

Estimate your Journey

Enter your Journey Plan here, Pick your Service to Calculate your Fare Estimate! 

Safety is Our Priority

The Hackney System provides safe and reliable drivers.

All our drivers are hackney licensed and experienced.

They know where you are going and there is no messing around.

Our Drivers are compassionate and considerate.

They are Professional and good mannered to serve you.


Get Onboard Via App

►No need to call to book your Ride or wait endlessly for the next ride.

►Be Smart to book or request a ride/parcel delivery from Our App.

►With secured in-app or out of app instant contactless payment.

►It is easy, simple and relaxing to see your ride through your phone.

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Instant Delivery to Your Door Step

We offer fast and secure methods for your parcel delivery through our registered drivers or independent courier services. Whether it is letters, small boxes or larger luggage. All can be done on Our App/Website. Reach out to Us today to get sorted.

Get the App Today

Want to take a Ride or a Parcel Delivery to your loved ones? Then, download this unique app today, register on it and enjoy a unique experience of a lifetime. Available on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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