Digitising Your Corporate Transportion Need Keeps The Spend Down

We bring Transparency and Control to Your Business in a variety of ways

Key Business Deliverables to Optimise your Portfolio

Manage All Your Business Travels In One Single Panel

Minimise your document

Reduce your paper work. Get them online. With LeadRyde, you have your dashboard to manage your business rides

Automate Your Payments

Migrate from invoicing to card payment. All rides and payments are available for viewing

Control Your Spend

Visualise and control your spend. Approve who and where to go on a single platform

Integrated Mobile App and Web Solutions

Streamline your system and process to reduce cost

Create checks for all your business rides and supplies

Cap your budget to meet essential travels

Reporting tools at the click of a button

Greener environment, no paper work, no hassles.

Happy Employee Means Higher Productivity

Get ahead with LeadRyde, convenient travel plan

Give your employee the feel to enhance productivity

Visualise and control ride reason and track your history

Pre-arranged payment process reduce cost

Set your travel limit, time and period

One web panel, one App solution, optimised control


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